Billing & Collections Management

Billing & Collections Management

Billing Module

Easy to use billing module, lets you create bills with just a few clicks. Our attachment feature, lets you attach medical reports to bills, so your claims get processed faster, reducing resubmissions.

Insurance Management

Managing insurance addresses and fax numbers has never been easier. No more time spending on trying to figure out which claim addresses and fax numbers to use.

Claims Management

Manage claims and bills in one easy to use section. Reconcile outstanding bills, upload documents by bills, manage denials and arbitrations. Add checks with tags, so you can keep track of you balances.


Keeping track of outstanding bills made simple. Never miss out on unpaid claims. Keep track of notes posted by other colleagues so everyone is on the same page.

Electronic Data Interchange

Direct integration with multiple clearing houses, helps process bills faster and eliminates mail submission, resulting less expenses and no lost mail. While some carriers are still adopting clearing house integration, they still process bills via fax. Our automatic and integrated fax feature, send bills with just one click and automatically sorts fax confirmations to each bill sent.


Create arbitration batches with just a few clicks, saving time so you can focus on other tasks. Keep track of claims sent to each attorney.